Auricula in my Greenhouse 2020

This is The Shows of Au
in Sweden april
spring 2020
(Some english for my foregin visitors)
This pictures of my favorite Au
is now available at
The stripes are lovley this year
 The first one of Au is always nice and joyfull
and she´s as you can se
soon follwed by plenty
of sisters
Yes in my greenhouse there is like a
Auricula-show right now
Small and simple
but wonderful.
Not like a Auricula Theatres
wich is more common
The most perfect  little flower you can
grow in a greenhouse
I let them bloom very
free and wild.
 I love to take some photos of them. 
This purpur Star with a lot of meal..
is absolutely a favorite..
one of my best
 The Green Edged is 
They all are indeed like indiviualls
and very awesome.
Coming up..some White Edged
Can´t wait..

Postat av: "LillaSyster"

Helt underbara, nästan så att man vill smaka på dem =)

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